Xamarin Essentials 1.5 Now have Features like Permissions, App Theme, and Authentication

Since the invention and the introduction of Xamarin Technology in the IT world, the technology stage is constantly being upgraded and introduces so many exciting features, which always make the developers joyous to develop a multi-functioning application. Likewise, the recently released 1.5 version of the Xamarin.Essentials has introduced a few simplifications for the buildup of a native app with complex features in a single cross-platform library. Also, the developers can build that application for any iOS, Android, UWO, Tizen, WatchOS, tvOS and more, without getting affected by the writing pattern of a codebase for the development of an application of any particular category.

The recently released version of Xamarin.Essentials 1.5 has come along with more capabilities which makes the developers unlocked to develop a lot more complex cross-platform mobile applications. Now, let’s take a ride to the Xamarin.Essentials feature that the developers can access from now.

App Theme

Definitely the Xamarin app development environment believes to support every single operating system, nevertheless, the applications developed under this platform have previously allowed the developers to embrace the app with only light and dark mode. That is why to excite the users and developers to develop and use a lovely theme in a single application, this xamarin.Essentials update has introduced a new way to select the requested theme. It can be done simply done with the addition of a single code line as:

AppTheme appTheme = AppInfo.RequestedTheme;

When using this new API and dynamic themes, easily enable your app to react to light/dark mode changes.


To access features like geolocation, contacts, camera, etc in an application, all you need to ask for an app access permission from the app users. Thus, Xamarin.Essentials makes it simpler with just the implementation of a few liner codes. Which can easily enable the developers to add permission into an application configuration, through which the application admin can check and request permissions from the users. Here’s the code:

public async Task CheckAndRequestLocationPermission()


var status = await Permissions.CheckStatusAsync();

if (status != PermissionStatus.Granted)


status = await Permissions.RequestAsync();


// Additionally could prompt the user to turn on in settings

return status;



Besides that, to authenticate the application, Xamarin. Essentials are covered a much attractive feature that delivers marvelous results while it gets beautifully pairing up with the core ASP.NET.

If you already have an application that is developed under the Xamarin platform, then simply upgrade your app to the latest version in NuGet today. While opposite to it, in case yet you do not have a business mobile application then feel free to reach us with all your app development requirements and concepts.

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