Why you need to give a jump start to your Xamarin App Development

It sounds great if you are planning to build a mobile application for your business and if you choose the Xamarin app development technology for this purpose then the technology adds a golden leaf in it. Xamarin is an open-source cross-platform app development technology, which since it’s invented with have the yet most advanced features proved itself as a best and an agile app development platform, which also encourage the developers and the business individuals too to give a jump start to the development of a Xamarin business mobile application.

Moving on the same path, the programmers of the Xamarin App Development Services India are also believing to give a quick start to their Xamarin App Development process and for these, they like to work on the Xamarin project with the use of these awesome took and IDE’s.

The Xamarin IDE’s

The hire Xamarin App Developers India has in-depth knowledge of each aspect of the Xamarin app development platform has introduced the two high leveled Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) and allow the app developers to choose one from them:

  • Visual Studio for Windows
  • Xamarin Studio for Mac

Well, towards the development of a Xamarin app development, they both the IDEs supports a few common features, which also makes the development process easy for the developers.

  • Rich code snippet and support library.
  • API mapping for both Android and iOS.
  • In-built app templates.
  • Hassle-free code integration and IDE configuration.
  • App publication to the app stores directly from IDE.
  • Updated version and complete access and control on it.

Apart from that, both Xamarin Studio and the Visual Studio have come with free and in-built feature community editions.

The must-have tools for the Xamarin App Development:

Whenever a developer has started their Xamarin App Development project whether they are a beginner or an expert developer, these Xamarin development tools becomes their necessary in a way to build a multi-functioning and error-free application. From the package of all these tools, a lot of Xamarin tools are used within the Xamarin IDE.

NuGet: This tool will serve the best to the Xamarin App Development

Xamarin Component Store: This tool package of polished UI components and service SDKs which awesomely fulfill all the needs of Xamarin App development

MVVM Light: This .Net based framework, finely follows the MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) pattern with the inheritance of MVVM light framework.

Xamarin.Forms Prism: It is an in-built template pack which enables the developers to create a Xamarin app with a proper commanding, ViewModelLocator, navigation, data binding implementation, etc.

Xunit: this is one of the best testing framework, which is specially designed for the Xamarin app development environment for both PCL and device-specific projects

Xamarin Workbooks: It is a standalone Xamarin tool which allows the programmers to build an app with the live code execution outside of any app.

Xamarin Test Cloud: It is must for a professional Xamarin app for a business to deliver an smooth and interrupted user experience on every OS and mobile devices, in this series the tool Xamarin test cloud, auto performs a testing operation on the application and helps the developers to fix all the bugs at the same time fo the code implementation.

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