What Challenges Xamarin has to Face with the Combination of Azure Functions

In the presently going rapidly growing age of the information and technology, nowadays there is not a single business person exist who did not believe to grow their business empire with the use and integration of a technical software or gadget. For their this motto of enhancing a business with technology the huge community of the global business operators and the individuals like to love the developers as these developers are playing a great role in the concern in which these developers and the web programmers are developing a multi-functioning business empowering web mobile application for the both hybrid and native platforms.

As today we all are so well familiar with every single aspect and concept of the highly trending cross-platform app development platform Xamarin, and also we know well that this is the only platform in the galaxy of the technology which is constantly introducing a new update in it within the duration of every short time limit. By continuing the same process while working with the combination of Azure function the Xamarin has created a few challenges for the developers and the one who completes the challenge will use the awesome .Net skills in the development of a mobile application by connecting it with the Azure functionalities can be able to win the exciting prize.

The prizes you can win

The wait is over now as the Xamarin team has declared the prize list for the winners as there is 2 types of prizes that you can win. In the first step of about 1000 lucky applicants can get a gold gift card of $25, while as for the top positions of the winner the team will select 10 applicants who will be awarded a prize of Surface Headphones whose worth is $349.

The requirement to make participation

If it’s your first most time to working on the Xamarin technology with the Azure function then there is a short setup required. Somehow the setup slightly differs and is also dependent on the preferred OS like Windows or macOS. In that for Windows, you need to go with the full version setup of Visual Studio 2019 by using the Xamatin Optimized Installer, while on the other side for macOS, you will need to go ahead with the VS2019 community for Mac by carefully following the documentation instructions for the Xamarin set up.

Besides that, to connect the Xamarin with the Azure functions, you have to set up an Azure account first and after that, You can run and debug your Azure Function locally on both Windows and macOS machines using either Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac before deploying it to your Azure environment.

The real challenge

In the way, the Xamarin team has announced the challenge will provide an awesome opportunity to all the global, beginner and experienced developers, learn so much more about the Xamarin and Azure towards the development of a smoothly accessible and a well functional cross-platform mobile application along with the API creation in an hassle-free manner. Therefore, we the expert Xamarin developers have all the guts to win the challenge and also to deliver the awesome app development outcomes to all the requested clients globally. So, what are you waiting still? Reach us immediately and let you your multi-platform business mobile application to be developed and maintained under the roof of Xamarin experts.

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