Use the Draw UI with Xamarin.Forms Shapes and Paths

Indeed Xamarin is the most amazing technology for the development of several advanced features integrated cross-platform mobile application, as this is the only single tech stack which frequently been updated and also with each of its updates, the technology introduces the developer’s community to a number of awesome features, that simply makes the developers enable to build a mobile application with multiple inbuilt features. Likewise, the hundreds of its splendid features to give a more elegant look and feel to the application, the draw shapes with a similar smooth UI for every operating system with Xamarin.Forms can definitely attract you more.

Recently the Xamarin.Forms 4.7 has allowed the global developer’s community to meet with the drawing controls to create beautiful shapes and paths for the application. This drawing controls with Xamarin.Forms are considering as the most powerful control of the development of a cross-platform app that finely uses the familiar control syntax from UWP and WPF. Along with this it also allows the developers to use the native graphic libraries on the targeted platform.

How to draw shapes with Xamarin.Forms

The Xamarin technology has a number of in-built controls, in its new API with including ellipse, line, polygon, polyline, rectangle, and more. Every single shape likes to support common styling properties. Like the aspects, fill along with the variety of stroke options, and much more. To implement such beautiful shapes in an application, there are two easy methods as:

  1. Enable the flag in the cod.
  2. By implementing some custom settings, in custom step indicator.

Apart from that, this drawing UI feature of Xamarin.Forms allow the developers to convert a shape into another like by creating a simple few liner codes, you can convert a circle shape into a square or other shape that you want.


In addition to make a custom shape and to rearrange the previously created shapes, you can use the path. While in case if yiu are using the SVG image, that directly indicates that you are already using paths. If you want to add any more setting in it then, open the SVG in the text editor and see a path node in the XML with a data string and copy into the XAML file for your Xamarin.Forms project.

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