The Proven Procedure to Change the GitHub Repository Language for C# Projects

Today we are very known with the fact that from over a half-decade, a cross-platform app development technology is continuously successfully spreading its charm in between the circle of web app programmers and the business owners by delivering the easy code implementation environment to develop the outstanding, result-oriented, business empowering mobile applications which can be easily accessible with the same smoothness on both mobile OS Android and iOS.

The Xamarin technology likes to work under the coding environment of the C# programming language to create the code for the implementation of the exciting functionalities in an application. While still, a few developers, although they are experts or beginners sometimes, are getting stuck somewhere in the code implementation. Well, this time we are talking about the developers who are struggling with the Xamarin.Forms to show on it the Github repository in their project. If you are also going through with the same issue then this post will help you.

Github is like a broad library which is basically used to store the code, and it likes to use the open-source Linguist library recognizes the code language for highlighting the syntax and repository statistics. While a few files are harsh to identify as they contain more libraries and huge files with including heavy volume codes as compared to their primary codebase.

If you are also struggling with this code complexity in your Xamarin.Forms project and GitHub identifies its primary language like C#, you can change it manually by just following these simple steps.

  1. Open your GitHub Repository.
  1. Add a new file in the root level with any name, here I named my file as .gitattributes in the master branch of your GitHub repository.
  1. Now add this simple code lines in that file as

.csharp linguist-detectable=true

.java linguist-detectable=false

.js linguist-detectable=false

.html linguist-detectable=false

.xml linguist-detectable=false

  1. Save the code file and refresh your project / browser

While, if you still are going through any critical issues in the code implementation of your Xamarin Application, the you can reach out us anytime at our firm namely Hire Xamarin App Developers Texas, here we will feed you with the best possibile Xamarin app development solution and consultation services.

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