The Amazing Xamarin Forms Features With Which developers are Probably Unaware About

In just a short duration, since its come to the existence the Xamarin app development technology platform has created a huge community of developers of every stats beginner, mid-level and highly experienced. With every single update, the technology has introduces something new to the developers which makes them more interested towards this cross-platform app development environment. While, due to the rapid and frequent updations, sometimes the developers missed the update, hence, being a Xamarin Developer probably you may also have missed an update feature and are still unaware of it, thus, with the reference of this post you will come to know everything about that feature update.

  1. Shadows

Many times the developers are getting frustrating in adding a shadow feature in the Xamarin app, but the shadow feature helps them to customize the shadow impact on the tab or button in the app. By using the below-mentioned code you can easily implement this feature in your app too.

Code for Xamarin iOS:
<ContentPage …<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

xmlns:ios=”clr-namespace:Xamarin.Forms.PlatformConfiguration.iOSSpecific;assembly=Xamarin.Forms.Core” x:Class=”XamarinFormsNewFeatures.MainPage”>




BackgroundColor=”Red” TextColor=”White” Text=”Login”>











Code to be implemented in the Xamarin Android:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

<ContentPage … xmlns:android=”clr-namespace:Xamarin.Forms.PlatformConfiguration.AndroidSpecific;assembly=Xamarin.Forms.Core” x:Class=”XamarinFormsNewFeatures.MainPage”>

<Button android:Button.UseDefaultShadow=”True”



TextColor=”White” Text=”Login”/>


  1. Model Page Presentation for iPad

This is an another popular update feature of the Xamarin development stage which is specially released on the request of the developers and experts of the Xamarin technology. This feature allows the developers to show a page popup on the screen

  1. Hide the Status bar

Most of the time users want to hide the status bar from the screens of their gadgets, hence with the hide status bar feature of Xamarin, the developers are now enable to use add the hide status bar option. Use the code:

<ContentPage … xmlns:ios=”clr-namespace:Xamarin.Forms.PlatformConfiguration.iOSSpecific;assembly=Xamarin.Forms.Core” ios:Page.PrefersStatusBarHidden=”True”



Likewise the Xamarin technology is being updated time to time, similarly the hire Xamarin Developers India also like to be aware of these updates in a way to deliver the marvelous Xamarin app development. Reach us any time to get more details about us and our services.


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