Make Modal Navigation With Xamarin.Forms Shell Quick Tip

Additionally, to engage more users with itself a mobile application has to have a number of smoothly accessible features in it, especially it is a must for an application to integrate with an elegantly designed and developed navigation menu which can be easily operated by the respective audience. Keep a focus to this point the trending cross-platform app development stack as Xamarin now comes along with a modal navigation setup with its Xamarin.Forms Shell Quick Tip. In this, the tech stack is exposing the navigation feature of the shell mentioning data passing with ease. So with this, blog, we are disclosing the most common features of app navigation additionally to push the page onto the stack. In order to make modal navigation, the page needs the user to play an action near to the page like tap the close button, registration, etc.

With using the Xamarin.Forms Shell a user or developer can easily implement the modal navigation page in the application along with some specific property.

The Xamarin.Form Shell ia having the amazing capacity to manage all the navigation style by simply doing some minor changes in the navigation style property as PresentationMode. To implement the property in the project a developer can use it to perform modal navigation along with or without adding any specific animation. Als well as you can use it also for the non-modal navigation to manage the app pages. Here I use the ModalAnimated property additionally to add the slide up button effect in the navigation.


You can add or change the property in app content page directly on the top element of the page.

<ContentPage xmlns=””




Also you may directly set in the code behind using C# markup in the app user interfact as:

Shell.SetPresentationMode(this, PresentationMode.ModalAnimated);

In a way to close the modal  we can use the code to the new back navigation


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