List the major differences between Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce

Definitely its the era of technology where the utter business community especially the businesses which are believing to sell a product are actively looking to knot themselves with a techie solution. With this intention, these days the three web development platforms as Shopify, Magento, and woo-commerce is getting all the limelight. As these platforms are highly upgraded and also has a huge library to build a product selling website with some in-built unique features, and hence are loved by the global web development community. While all these platforms slightly differ from one another:

  • Magento is not having a user-friendly, because of its complex and high functionality code environment, which make it a bit critical for the beginners to use it as compared to the Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • The web stores that are built under the Shopify platform are performing good in regarding of the website speed. While the Magento and Woocommerce platforms delivers lesse web speed.
  • As compared to WooCommerce and Magento, the Shopify platform provided better customer support in several ways.
  • Shopify gets a great victory when things come to the design of the website. As the design is considering the most important aspect of a website to engage more visitors which is directly proportional to the rapid increment in the sales graph of a business.
  • If the things come to an end where you need to think about the capital investment in the creation of an e-store using any of this platform. Then, of course, Woocommerce provides a less expensive environment as a comparison with the others.
  • As Shopify is not so SEO friendly thus, in a way to gain more organic traffic with the implementation of some effective SEO strategies, then you must have to move ahead with Magento or Woocommerce instead of Shopify.

Likewise, every business has different requirements the same as every tech background has its own different and unique functionalities along with a few plus and minuses. On the one side where Magento is getting more popular by providing a helping hand in the growth of big business along with the extremely impressive SEO performance level, while on just opposite to it the woo-commerce platform is the best choice for the developers to create a self customizable e-store in lowest possible capital investment.

Well, Shopify, Magento or woo-commerce whichever you will like to choose for the build-up of your website, but for the creation of a mobile application, you will just have to choose an app development platform through which you can easily target the audiences who are using mobile devices instead of visiting an e-store via its website. Therefore, in order to build a mobile application, choosing a cross-platform app development environment like Xamarin will be a profitable and time savvy decision.

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