DotNet MAUI for Cross-Platform App Development: Microsoft Reveals a Few Time Back

A few time back the Microsoft declared big good news for the global developer’s community that from now the .NET  MAUI will be permitting them to build a multi-platform application for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android simply by using a single codebase. Well, basically it’s a multi-platform App UI, which also referred to as .Net MAUI, which is actually a UI framework which performed an awesome job in addition to the creation of a cross-platform mobile application using the .Net framework of Microsoft. The preview of this is about to launch in the upcoming November month of the year  2021.

A couple of months back, the developers have attended the Microsoft Build conference, where they came to introduce the .Net MAUI which is assuming as an evolution in the development of a cross-platform application under Xamarin tech stack with its Xamarin.Forms toolkit for the creation of a native UI app for the platforms Windows, iOS, and Android with the use of a single codebase. Alongside that,  it is will also trusting to support new devices like Microsoft Surface Duo.

In order to deliver the outstanding results in the development of a well-featured and a classy application, this .Net MAUI is believing to work with the Visual Studio IDE and Visual Studio Code editor. Besides this, as a single code stack like to support the workload on different platforms, with the native features and the UI like to control the cross-platform supported API platforms.

List the major attractive features of .Net MAUI

It uses a simple and specific project structure for a single project to be created on a multi-platform format.  Also, it permits the one-click deployment for desktop systems, emulators, etc.

Using the auto native hook setup feature, it will allow the developers to upload, images, fonts, files to a single project easily. While the images and font are requested to place at the same location.

For the developers convenient, it gives the topmost position to the MVVM and XAML for the buildup of an application integrated with classy features. Also, it allows the developers to implement the MVU.

Model-View-Update pattern. It helps them to promote or transfer the one-way flow of the data and state management.

Additionally to support the transactions from Xamarin.Forms to the .Net MAUI, Microsoft offers try-convert support and a migration guide through which the developers can easily grab that what Microsoft has been offered for the .Net Core.

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