Do This When you are Missing the Android UI Element in Xamarin in Visual Studio 2019

Though the Xamarin is considered as one of the trendiest technology for the development of a cross-platform multi-featured business increasing mobile application. Though it’s frequently been updated and believes to introduce some new and amazing features with its every single update. Alongside this, of course, this tech development platform allows the global developers to use the latest version of the coding environment as the Visual Studio 2019 for the process of code and functionality implementation but also, on the opposite side, these frequent updates may creates a confusing environment for the developers in the creation of a smoothly accessible application.

Likewise, in the list of confusions, if you are going through an issue of the missing of any UI element under the Xamarin for Android under the code creation environment of visual studio 2019, then here is a perfect solution for you.

For this, while you creating an application under the Xamarin. The android environment along with the use of a widget like Spinner, then it is a must for you to create an Android Application by selecting the “Android App” option at the time of project creation in the visual studio 2019. By doing this you will get complete access on utmost widgets that are generally offered by the Android for Xamarin. Which simply means that along with the complete usage access of all the Android element you can now easily found the missed element in the project library of your Xamarin.Android application.

Whether you are a individual from a technology or a non-technology background whenever you are looking to gen an extensive and appreciatable assistance in the buildup of your cross-platform or a native application, at the rapidly growing India and the USA located Xamarin app development firm will surely feed you up with the best and suitable solution that too under the most affordable costing package.

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