Cognitive Services + Xamarin Combo Challenge with Xamarin.Forms

 These days where one side the entire human society across the planet is living in the quarantined mode, whereas on the second side the technology industry is working as usual with its own speed, and with that, it continuously trying to create and introduce some awesomeness likewise it always does. Well, in the same series, the highly loved tech environment for the creation of a multi-featured, smoothly accessible, and well functioning cross-platform mobile application Xamarin is always loved to keep its own swag. Following the same way, this amazing cross-platform app development stage has introduced a Cognitive Services + Xamarin Combo Challenge.

Now let’s see what’s the goodness of this Xamarin Combo Challenge with Cognitive Services:

In addition to keeping its swag and charm as similar, with the combination of some Azure cognitive services in some crazy ways.

It uses the language translation of the Azure cognitive services for the translation of a single language into several different languages. Besides that, this will also help you to add some elegant gradient backgrounds in the application that you are developing. Also, it has a few more sneaky cognitive services.

Well, this is not just enough, as when we are using the Xamarin. Formsit definitely holds a lot more to make the developers enabled to add a lot more attractions in the splash screen on the application with some exciting and finest created animation,s, which also enhances the worth of an application.

Also, it allows the developer’s community to use onplatform. The use of this tailor UI is just perfect for this amazing app development environment. While, when this OnPlatform doesn’t working quite cut it Effect will be used to tweak the UI down, this method is performing well without using the dreaded custom renderers for the application. It also provides a helping sharp helping hand in the implementation in the implementation of MVVM in a straightforward way, as the present eon is like the golden period of the global tech community where the user interface contributes a lot with the help of userdialogs, pancakeview and media plugin.

See what challenges are covered in this:

  1. It helps the app to extend it in some ways to make it better.
  2. It allows the developers to open a pull request in the app on the original repo with the listed points:
  • App extended mentioning the screenshots.
  • Views on Azure cognitive services with the Xamarin.Forms elements you extended.
  • What features go well and what is not performing well.

Well, this is not just enough for this amazing Xamarin platform, so, if you have any concerns or requirements for the Xamarin app development then you are free to reach us anytime for sure well feed you up with the best outcomes.

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