A Quick tip to implement the back navigation with Xamarin.Forms

Definitely, since about a decade, the Xamarin is the one single tech stage which is continuously being updated its versions and also trusting to introduce a few more beneficiary features with every its update. Therefore Xamarin is the most favorite, in-demand, and highly recommended tech stage for the developer’s community of each level. As well as this is not only technology for the cross-platform mobile app development that gets frequently updated and allows the developers to build an app with some advanced functionalities, but also this tech stage grants the developers a facility for the quick implementation of the required features in the application. Likewise this time, the Xamarin.Forms Shell is come up with a quick tip for the implementation of back navigation in an app with some easy steps.

The recent launch of Xamarin.Forms 4.6 has introduced a brand new and the easiest way to implement the back navigation system in an app along with the combination of query property. For this, you are allowed to use the same navigation pattern that you have used in the terminal or command line.

await Shell.Current.GotoAsync(“..”);

While you need to use this command in case you want to go back to multiple pages:
await Shell.Current.GotoAsync(“../..”);

Besides that, the listed command line will help you if you are looking to visit the back page of the app and then navigate to another page:

await Shell.Current.GotoAsync(“../details”);

Query Properties

Using the query property, with this back navigation of the app, you can join the things together, with Xamarin.Forms Shell. In this, you can botherlessly pass any required data to the previous page. To do this, use the code line:

await Shell.Current.GotoAsync(“..?id=25”);

Also, in addition to this, you are also allowed to pass the data to any other page of the application, which is pushed onto the stack:

await Shell.Current.GotoAsync(“../details?id=Baboon”);

Likewise, every other previously released version of Xamarin.Forms, this is yet another exciting release of the Xamarin, and if you are the one who is looking to implement their business app with the integration of multiple features in it then feel to get connected with us, we will suggest and develop the best solution for you because, at Hire Xamarin Developers, we are a team of coding lovers along with holding an extensive knowledge on this splendid cross-platform app development technology.

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