Xamarin Vs. React Native which is best?


As we know that technology has broad wings so as this is a working area with so many sectors and the everyday launch of thousands of websites and mobile application on the web world or the Google and iTune play store is the best instance for that. If you look back to a couple of years ago, we have seen that the mobile application and the mobile app development platforms have rule over the internet world. As per calculations of the year 2017 and 2018, the demand for mobile application has been increased in a drastic manner. With the growing demand of mobile applications, a lot of app development platforms are also introduced in which the two stages Xamarin and React Native are performing wonderful, but which one is the best is still a riddle.

Come let’s compare both the two app development stages in a sweet simple way:

What is React Native?

It is a free open source JavaScript framework which is used to develop a cross-platform mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows and allows the reuse a code. Rather than this react native is an API specific javascript interface through which a user can access the inbuilt phone camera, location, etc. This platform is owned by Facebook and holds a huge component library. React Native is a 100% free platform for the development of a native mobile application. In this app environment, we did not need to load the full code after doing any change or modification in the code.

What is Xamarin?

It is a Microsoft owned cross-platform app development stage which comes with an outstanding UI and code sharing facility. This platform requires a visual studio tool for the code implementation. Towards the development of a fully functional application Xamarin is not completely free, in fact, using this platform you need to spend a little amount for the development of a higher level business mobile application. Write code for iPhone on windows and run it on mac machine is the most powerful feature of Xamarin which makes it the first choice of developers.

Final Words:

As a conclusion of this comparision, Xamarin is winner all the way, yes it requires a little expansion, but it’s compatibility, easy nature, pixel perfect UI and other qualities makes this app development platform a complete, standard and highly recommended app development package.

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