Xamarin Vs Native Vs Hybrid App Development


By watching the shine and charm of the Xamarin app development stage, today a million developers agree to consider this app development platform the best way to develop a native app development. Though a developer is going to create an app in iOS platform or for Android, Xamarin supports each by just requiring in-depth knowledge of Objective C, C#, or Swift.

The day to day enhancement in the popularity of the Xamarin app development environment generates a hot topic for long halted debate for the developers between the Xamarin, Native and Hybrid App Development.

To grasp the differences in between all the three, see the describes chart below:

Tech Stack

Xamarin platform requires a single tech stack and single codebase using the C#, .NET and Native Libraries. Native app development needs a different tech stack platform for every single app development platform. While the Hybrid app development works similarly as Xamarin means it also requires one tech stack and a single codebase for the JS, HTML5, and CSS.

Code Sharing

If we do talk about the code sharing, then, in this case, Xamarin allows sharing its 90% code in the development of another app in any other platform. While the hybrid app development permits a developer to share 100% code, and the native app refuses with this.

UI and UX Experience

Entire UI customization is possible for both Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, while this customization is platform specific in a way to native app development. Hybrid app development like to use common UI for all platform and grants limited customization access and capabilities.

Hardware Requirements

Xamarin requires a platform-specific API and delivers an amazing performance result, on the other hand, Native supports unlimited system capabilities in an out of the box manner and delivers an excellent result. While a hybrid stage requires the interruption of the third party to access the API, which is risky too and consequently it delivers a poor performance result.

Final Thoughts

After knowing all the pros, cons, advantages and drawbacks of all the three, we would like to build your business app using the Xamarin technology. Well, you are free to catch the team inwizards for the purpose of the creation of an impactful and well planned mobile application under the Xamarin App Development Platform.

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