Easily Show/Hide Password in Xamarin.Forms


Screen: CheckBox Screen



1. Use two image one for eye.png and another for eyeicon.png .

2. Write a code in View folder xaml part.


<Grid HorizontalOptions=”FillAndExpand” VerticalOptions=”Center” BackgroundColor=”#ffffff” Margin=”15,0″ Padding=”8″>


<ColumnDefinition Width=”*”/>



<RowDefinition Height=”50″/>

<RowDefinition Height=”1″/>…

Is Xamarin the Ultimate Destination of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development


Recently on the auspicious occasion of Valentine’s Day, Realm has extended its tentacles for Microsoft technologies in the Realm mobile Platform which already hit last month with the latest version 1.0 in order to facilitate the fabrication of real-time app.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development using Xamarin


You have heard about a business named Xamarin if you don’t have now been concealing in a cavern for that previous couple of months. In 2013, Xamarin introduced something which allows builders to construct cellular programs utilizing the D# terminology,

How to login with Finger Print/Touch in Android or iPhone using Xamarin?


Today, I am sharing very interesting blog about fingerprint login.

Login with finger print in mobile apps is always be a tough task for developer, if it is for android then it makes more complicated. In Android there are lot

Card View in Xamarin.Forms | Xamarin Solution

Card View in Xamarin.Forms

Generally xamarin developers realised that using listview the design is not attractive. It just show simple view. If you are a xamarin developer and want to make an attractive design in xamarin application, then you should use CardView for this.