Why Xamarin is the first choice of developers for the creation of a mobile application?


Mobile applications have created their own market in the tech industry these days. On the play stores, although it’s for Google or iTunes, we have found a wide range of applications for each and every purpose such as educational and learning applications, gaming, and entertainment applications, shopping applications, tracking applications, dating and chatting applications, and much more. As we all know that, there are several of application development stages are available along with their own features, and requirement of programming platforms like JavaScript, React.JS, Phone-Gap, Node.JS and so on, but from all of them, the most popular one is Xamarin.

Xamarin is a Microsoft owned, and a leading open source mobile application development platform which is compatible to each mobile platform as of Android, iOS, Windows. Due to its easy nature, compatibility, and reuse of code like features Xamarin is the first choice of developers among all the other app development stage which are useful to create a bother-less application for any purpose.

Multi-platform access

The applications that are developed in Xamarin, can be easily accessible on every available mobile platform, while the apps that are developed by the use of any other app development stage cannot allow a user to run it on every mobile platform, in fact, they require a specific platform to run like Android, iOS, etc.

Facility to Reuse the code

Likewise, every app development area need its code to be prepared by the use of several technical and programming languages, but Xamarin is completely different, it want its code to be prepare in one single programming language that is C#. Well C# is the upgraded version of C++ and is also a completely object oriented programming language. The code that are created in C# can be easily usable on any different application development program.

Huge component library

Xamarin has a huge component library which helps mobile application developers to find the relevant and useful stuff for their application development.

Automatic and faster way of app testing

Well, testing is one of the biggest hectic and long term task towards the application development, but the application which is build up under the Xamarin application development platform can be tested in the fastest way as compared to the manual testing and other way to test an application.

Reliable in cost and time consuming

Cost effectiveness is a ravishing feature of Xamarin as it is platform flexible and a allow a developer to reuse the same code component in the other app development, it saves more time of a developer and due to these functionalities, an application development in Xamarin did not require too much amount of money like other wants.

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