Use Glidex.Forms to get the Fast Image Loading Feature for the Android App Build Under Xamarin.Forms

For the better way growth and the brand buildup of any particular business, the images added on its web app portal are plays a great role as besides the content and the product/services description the images are the single thing in the entire web app of any business that have the power to attract the multiple global users at a single glance. Therefore, being a developer if you are creating an business mobile application under the trendy cross-platform aap development technology Xamarin, then its all is your first-most priority to a add some high quality images in the app and moreover that you must have to keep in mind that the images which you are adding in a app should be loaded with the fast speed.

If you are developing an Android application using the Xamarin.Forms, then implementing the code with the glidex.forms  will help you to add a fastest loading image in the application. Yet, adding an image in the Xamarin.Android application is a quite bit uneasy task as the Android.Graphic.Bitmap is behaving like a troublemaker which sometimes makes the situation worse and due to this the API design of the Xamarin.Forms makes it critical to handle the fast loading image feature in the app. With the time passing this cross platform technology stage has introduced several updates and nowadays the glide is considered as its most worthful update in order to the addition of a image and graphic in the application.

To justify the fast loading image in your application add this code in your file:







Add this code lines in your glidex.forms page:

Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init (this, bundle);

//This forces the custom renderers to be used

Android.Glide.Forms.Init ();

LoadApplication (new App ());

While building a project with glidex.forms be remember that it mainly working well on the classic code structure of the Xamarin.Android Apps.

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