This is How You Can Fix the Xamarin Support Package Error

We already know that Xamarin is one of the most loved cross-platform mobile app development environment for developers or programmers across the globe. Utmost technology gigs though they are beginners in the IT and web/app development industry or a well-skilled programmer who has in-depth knowledge of several programming languages, like to prefer the Xamarin platform in a way to the development of a well functional business empowering mobile application. Nevertheless, most of the time the developers may get stuck in any coding issue which creates an error while developing an application. Hence today we are going to learn the bug fixing process for Xanarin supports package error in the Xamarin Forms.

To resolve the Xamarin support package error, first of all, you need to launch the Android SDK Manager from the visual studio. For the successful launch of the SDK manager in your project. After that, an SDK manager window will open from where you can choose a tool or documentation which you want to download or upload.

After you are assured that everything is updated in the Android SDK of your project, then simply follow the below steps to resolve the error.

  1. From the mediafire panel of your computer, download the file “”.
  1. Now rebuild the entile code file of your project to get the list of errors in the code.
  1. Search error as (Error Reason: “C:\Users\Vahid\AppData\Local\Xamarin\zips\” is not a valid zip file).
  1. Now make a copy of the downloaded file into your project  “C:\Users\Vahid\AppData\Local\Xamarin\zips\”
  1. Now rename the file and paste itinto your project folder.
  1. Rebuild the solution again.
  1. Error resolved, enjoy running the code.

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