The Super Excited News for All the Xamarin App Developers

YouTube is one of the biggest entertainment channels to watch and listen to audios and videos. This is also a valuable platform to enhance a business over the web world and to know the far customers about an event and newly launched product of a business. Hence nowadays utter website owners are loving to add an HD video about their business or product that can be played on a youtube channel, as well as the developers are also enjoying to implement a youtube channel on the website and application that they are developing.

Well, recently the Microsoft and Xamarin have re-launch the Xamarin developer YouTube Channel. Now a developer can find something amazing in the content towards the building of a well versed mobile app under the Xamarin platform. Let’s have a look what’s new in this:

Xamarin.forms 101

A short couple of time backs the mini version of Xamarin.Forms 101 was introduced with some different features in Xamarin.Forms and it’s exciting to know that Maddy Leger and David Ortinau are leading the show be upgrading the SDKs and tooling inside the Visual Studio.

Partly Cloud

Its a new feature hosted and managed by the illustrious cloud developer Matthew Soucoup. This feature is helpful for the developers in a way to go to the cloud by a single part of the time. In the upcoming months, this feature will introduce some more advanced options.


Likewise other Xamarin tools, this also get a developer to explore a few new and unique solution. It makes a fine partnering with these coding tools:

  • Net
  • Azure Friday
  • Visual Studio toolbox


Likewise, the previous version of the Xamarin YouTube Channel, this newly launched version enables the users to browse the playlist. These videos are full of amazing Xamarin contents based on the latest and previous experience of this technology.

Well. That’s it for the re-launch for the Xamarin Developers YouTube Channel, and being a highly demanding, well skilled and a continuous growing Xamain app development firm, the entire team of the hire xamarin developer is well aware of each and every update in the Xamarin technology. Hence we can easily develop an app under the Xamarin technology by the use of its several latest and updated tools.

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