The pros and cons of Xamarin App Development


Whenever a person is planning to build a mobile application, they have to choose a mobile platform (Android or iOS) to run that application, because now every single app development stage allows you to run that application on the platforms. It was very disappointing for the users and the developers too, but with the introduction of Xamarin the latest and the trendiest mobile app development platform, they both feels thankful that this platform did not ask them to choose a single platform from both the two Android and iOS. An application that is created on Xamarin app development platform can allow a user to run it on both Android and iOS.

Likewise, everything has its own pros and cons although its a technology or anything else. Similarly, a Xamarin app development has also some pros and cons. Yes!! You guess it correctly, with this post, today we will talk about the same, but before that, let’s take a little intro about Xamarin.

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a cross-platform app development stage which allows a developer to re-use its code in other app development platforms and store each code in its broad component library for the future use. It is completely powered by the Microsoft stack technology and based on .Net framework. Xamarin requires its code to build in only a single programming C# which is definitely an object-oriented language.

List out the pros of Xamarin App Development Platform:

  • It is a cross-platform technology, with a huge library of core components and coding elements, which allows the re-use of its code on the other available major mobile app development platforms.
  • It is an open source technology, with complete hardware support. Apart from this, with the strong support of other corporate tech-based companies like Redhat, JetBrains and .Net foundation, Xamarin is growing as a power-pack tech stack app development stage after its merger with the Microsoft.
  • This is a mobile app development platform which did not require too much maintenance and support.
  • It grants a developer to create an application with the use a C# and .NET. It did not require to create a code in several technical and app development platforms.

List out the cons of Xamarin App Development Platform:

  • It requires a basic knowledge of native languages like Objective C and swift for iOS and Java and Kotlin for Android.
  • It takes slightly more time and support for up-gradation of an application.
  • It provide limited access to the component libraries and did not supports heavy graphics.
  • The apps that are developed in Xamarin are large in size, and consequently, they require a huge space to download, install and run successfully.

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