The combination of Xamarin.Forms and Zeplin give an elegant look to your application

Creating a business application with Xamarin technology is not just enough to attract the user’s attention, in fact, an application also requires a beautiful layout design. Besides this, it is must that the application is responsive as this is the eon of technology and gadgets, and a 99% of audience like to use a small handy device called smartphones and tablets to visit a web application. Therefore, Zeplin is the best opting to use with Xamarin.Forms to make your application a designer one.

Xamarin app development platform comes up with several coding extensions like swift, HTML, etc. while C# is the base coding element for Xamarin App Development. In the same way, there is another extention tool for Xamarin is introduced as a name of Zeplin whose real motive is to add an amazing design view to Xamarin.Forms. Zeplin is specially introduced to make it hassle-less environment for the developers towards the development of an application based on Xamarin technology or Xamarin.Forms.

Now, learn the use of Zeplin tool with the Xamarin.Forms extension:

1. In the first step, add a xamarin extention to the project.

2. Now, go to the homepage or dashboard of the extension, if you are having more than one projects in Zeplin.

3. Hit the “Add to Zeplin” button which is shown on the right side of the extensions homepage.

4. Now select your Xamarin Project in which you want to add the extension.

5. Click on the element of the page of a particular project.

6. All done.

Use the above-mentioned simple steps to add an elegant and stylish design to your Xamarin.Forms.

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