The Basic Differences Between Xamarin and Telerik Native Script

Every technology and programming language has its own features and specialties, likewise, the Xamarin app development technology and the Telerik native script also works on their own criteria. So here we are going to check out all the differences between Xamarin and Telerik script. They both are the trendiest cross-platform app development technologies, but still, they have few differences which are

  1. The C# coding models are required in the development of a Xamarin based application while the Telerik native script requires the calling function of the javascript API.
  1. The Xamarin code can be written in its own way and can also be easily accessible on each OS. While on the other side, the Telerik supports HTML5 and CSS3 and it also allows a developer to reuse the same script for all OS for the front end development of a mobile application.
  1. Every single day the Xamarin app development stage allows adding numerous new functionalities in its library while the Telerik native script did not give any permission to add more features in it.
  1. When we are using telerik native script for an app development intention, it allows us to add and work on new native platforms on an immediate basis. While the Xamarin environment bounds us to follow some technical limitations.

Who to choose Xamarin or Telerik?

When you have come to a route at where you need to choose a single stage from Xamarin or Telerik for the creation of a well functional business empowering mobile application. Then, in such event selection of the Xamarin app development environment will be your perfect choice as Xamarin is a cross-platform app building stage which grants a developer to reuse the same code they create once in the creation of another application and also these apps are easily accessible on each mobile OS and screen sizes and delivers the same user interface.

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