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In recent, the updated version of visual studio 2019 is announced and is generally available with some major changes, which makes a Xamarin App Developer fall in more love with this tool. The most wonderful update of this newly released version of visual studio as it starts windows and also supports the per-monitor DPI along with the debug capabilities. This is one of the most amazing updates of the visual studio till date.

Meanwhile, if the confab is about the improvement in the usage experience of this tool, then we came to know that there has been done several changes, by taking a deep survey and by conducted interviews of over 275 developers. The major aspects of this release are:

Tool Fundamentals

The best app development tool is which works for you to make your software application more advantageous and well featured, rather than to make the process of app development an annoying one. Hence, this new release focused on tool fundamentals, stability, and performance. Besides this, the team has also worked to improve the time taken limit of the app creation as 2X and the time loading speed of the app solution by 23 percent.

Except all this, the visual studio team wanted to increase and simplify the acquiring experience of new Android SDK and emulators. Earlier the management of Android SDK was tricky, especially in a way towards the working on a complex app solution. Thus, in this release, the developers are automatically permitted to analyze the app at the time of project loading.

Inner Development Loop

In a way to the development and the upload of an application, a developer needs to deploy and debug it again and again as of a countless time in just a single day. From the few earlier releases of the visual studio, the team has continued making their efforts in the tool convert it a more time savvy tool towards the building and the deployment of a mobile application and now we can see the result of their hardcore efforts in the visual studio 2019, which is twice faster them to the visual studio 2017.

Enhanced UI

Creating a mobile app which delivers alluring user interface is much crucial and time-consuming part of the app development, and this makes more irritation in the developer’s mind. Therefore this latest version of visual studio gets improved and now believes to deliver ravish design experience for both iOS and Android platform.

Xamarin.Forms with Visual Studio 2019

Earlier the visual studio 2017, was delivered the IntelliSense experience for the XAML, while its updated version of 2019 gets progressed with IntelliCode. As it believes to enhance the IntelliSence

experience of a developer by the use of machine learning to recommend mainly used items at the top of the completion list depends on your context.

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