Reasons which makes Xamarin a adorable technology


Either we are using a mobile application in Android, iOS or Windows Xamarin is all the best technology that delivers the mind-blowing outcomes in the development of a fully functional, classy looking, smoothly accessible, bug-less application. If anyone asks me why I love Xamarin and want me to explain the reasons which make Xamarin an adorable technology, then my answer will be like this:

It delivers multiform native UI

Approx five years back, Xamarin technology was introduced in the tech industry and soon it gets success in catching the limelight through its supportive behavior. As it is a completely different cross-platform app development technology which delivers the amazing native UI experience as compared to all the other cross-platform HTML codebase technologies which use HTML/CSS/JS, etc,

Grant code sharing facility

Xamarin is a technology which loves to follow the key term write once and use anywhere, it simply indicates that using Xamarin technology a developer will gain the facility to save time in the development of an application rather than Xamarin platform by using the same code that a developer has created for the Xamarin app development.

Provides fantastic outcomes by taking less amount and time

Xamarin is a kind of cross-platform multi-functional app development environment which refuses to take lots of money expansion towards the app development also provides the fascinating results in the lesser time limit.

Limitless API access

When using Xamarin technology a developer is permitted to access the full native API without any limitations and restrictions. While using other code bases cross-platform app development environment, a developer has only limited access to API.

Automatic cloud testing

While developing a mobile application in Xamarin technology, you can test your app on moreover 2000 devices.

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