Its a Good News for All the Xamarin iOS Developers

Since the first footstep in the IT or web app development industry, the Xamarin is itself a single app development platform which gets time to time updated and with every single update this cross-platform app develop stage believes to introduces a new feature or functionality. Thus, the global audience especially the Xamarin developers, though a beginner or an expert are actively waiting for the upcoming update of this wonderful technology environment and all the time are willing to know that this time they are getting introduce with which new feature or functionality of the Xamarin platform.

Well, with its recent update, the Xamarin is once again come up with a piece of exciting good news for all the Xamarin.iOS developers across the world. As with this update, the developers now can work on the Xamarin app with the use of iOS 13 and Xcode 11. So from now, you can easily build a Xamarin.iOS app or the Xamarin.Forms for iOS apps with and under the umbrella of Xcode 11 GM (GM is referring as the Apple’s Gold Master) and submit your multi-functional iOS 13, tvOS 13 and watch OS 6 apps on the App Store.

Check it out, what’s new and exciting in the iOS 13 and Xcode 11:

This is one of the most enticing updates of the Xamarin technology, which is finely introducing the three main features as:

  1. The Dark App Mode:

Earlier the developers were bound to create a Xamarin app on the light mode theme and environment, but from now, they can switch their app from light to dark mode as well. Which simply means that several color schemes for your app.

  1. App Privacy and Security:

Yet the iPhone users are requested to create a secure account under the environment of the privacy-friendly account sign in set up. By taking the advantage of the current Xamarin of the 2FA and the restricted and limited set of the provided information, gives users a bit more confidence that their personal information and data will be safe and anyhow cannot be stolen by any third party.

  1. The SFS Symbol:

By using this updated feature of the current Xamarin update, a developer can get and use a consistent set of icons and images in their applications. Basically these symbols use the SVG format extension towards the implementation of the images in an application. As they all are the vector-based icons and images, hence they can easily adjust with every screen size without making any single compromise with the icon/image quality and sharpness.

So what are you waiting for still, the team Hire Xamarin Developers is all set to develop amazing Xamarin.iOS application under the sky of the current Xamarin updates as iOS 13 and Xcode 11.

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