Is Xamarin the Ultimate Destination of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development


Recently on the auspicious occasion of Valentine’s Day, Realm has extended its tentacles for Microsoft technologies in the Realm mobile Platform which already hit last month with the latest version 1.0 in order to facilitate the fabrication of real-time app. Xamarin is a spectacular cross-platform solution that was previously acquired by Microsoft approximately a year ago.Similarly Microsoft has also launched its long awaited Visual Studio 2017 where these Microsoft executives are expecting to share the features from Xamarin as well.

For many organisations, fabricating mobile app is a worthwhile way to spend money as well as time. These apps can boost up the employees productivity. The ultimate motive of the mobile application development is to carry out the work in just a few seconds or minutes. Top enterprises need to dig deep into the pocket in order to carry through native applications. What is the cost-effective and long-term solution?

As a mobile app developer, are you deeply concerned about learning platform specific programming language or something hybrid?

Domination of native app

A native app is an app developed for a mobile-specific device and can be installed directly within the device. Users of the Native app can easily download either from the app store or via app marketplace, for instance Google Play Store or Apple App store. If you are looking for a particular example of native app then Camera+ running on Apple iOS device accommodate all the features of native app.

It looks for an independent development for a particular platform. XCode and Objective-C are used for crafting iOS native mobile app similarly Java and Eclipse are used for developing Android app. Although optimisation of performance as well as user interface are efficiently deployed by native app development.

Transition of thought-process from native app to Cross-platform mobile app

According to publishers there are various factors that can make them understand the significance of cross-platform application development companies rather than those who are still ignorant about this development process. Perhaps the most convincing reason can be reduced developmental cost. Standard-based web technologies have although connected with the web applications and mobile devices which enable companies to get an app that can conveniently run on different platforms without any requirement to invest or look for a developer for a particular ecosystem. But these web technologies were blamed with severe restrictions against with article-oriented Java on android and Objective-C.

At one sphere, where cross-platform invaded is mobile gaming. But now the concept is turning persuasive day by day. Initially the journey of the cross-platform app development started with PhoneGap and Titanium.

Delineation of Xamarin

With the initiation of C#, it has alleviated the mobile app developers for further concern. Xamarin is a Microsoft –owned San Francisco, California based Software Company which was founded in 2011.

With the introduction of C#, Xamarin can be utilised to write native iOS, Android as well as Windows apps along with the native user interfaces. Its lifecycle product are best in class yet and for delivering amazing app it provides with the amazing solution. Behind the company is mono project. It lets the cross platform developer to use C# and .net. So mono platform enables implementation of .net on non-windows platform.

Fundamentals of Xamarin

Xamarin incorporated freely with Visual Studio. Before integrated, people used Xamarin Studio for the purpose for development. It possess the following platforms:

·         Xamarin.Android  -MonoDroid

·         Xamarin.iOS          -MonoTouch

·         Xamarin.Mac         -MonoMacare

Aforesaid are standalone tools for cross-platform development where development of projects can be separately done with the help of the above platforms.

1.       It employs C# programming language and anything which is possible in Objective-C, Java, and Swift can be realized well in C# and Xamarin.

2.       Xamin enables considerable code sharing across Android, iOS and Window which not only saves time, money and efforts as well.

3.       By utilising Test cloud feature, Xamarin enables the developers to run automated testings over 2000 devices. This is further intensified when Xamarin Test Cloud templates are merged with Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio.

Argument in favour of Xamarin

Impressive for Online Application

Xamarin is competent enough and can be the next alternative when it comes to the building up of app in a single application. But this is the best catered by Xamarin app development is that reuse layers of business logic as well as data that can be accessed all across the platform. This is quite signified in case of vast amount of local data and offline mode needed to be enforced. Image recognition can be easily done. Another advantage it caters is the aspect of code reusability. There are no separate team kid around on iOS and Android apps.

Scalability benefits

There are few developers who believe in Xamarin is quite expensive. It changes the scenario when it consider the aspect of scalability. When we look at the cost of license i.e. $999 per developer/platform/year. This is quite advantageous when the team size is 3-4, then the company will be entitled to get MSDN subscription. Hence, it would be fruitful when dozens of apps, along with the healthy team and budget that would contribute licenses/ project.

Highly Customisable

Although Xamarin is a native platform and via wrapping native libraries with a .Net layer that enables developers use C#. It enables to open to all third-parties that are either libraries written for iOS or Android ecosystem which ensures its aspect of highly customisable.

Conviction against Xamarin

Scarce Xamarin Professionals

As far as Xamarin is concerned, your mobile developer must be aware of .Net in order to develop amazing mobile development. While it is not essential to pick either Java or Objective-C, but still looks for the knowledge of  platform –specific framework and architecture that have the essence of both Objective-C and Java. At the end of the day, if the organisation is possessing personnels with entire knowledge of Xamarin then also there must a team of diverse skills and knowledge.  

Hypothesis of Risk

It comes up with the unanticipated risk while considering all the cross-platform alternatives. One of the disadvantages are Xamarin’s framework libraries which cause irrational variation in the size of the app file from iOS App store or Google Play store. The variation can fluctuate from 3MB to 15MB. The main reason behind is the core library functionality which leads to the fluctuations.


By looking at the proper delineation, fundamentals, pros and cons, it is evident that the platform is a winner. In this impulsive world, Xamarin has successfully enabled to build, monitor as well as test that can spontaneously perform with the help of code and shared architecture as well.

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