Hiring a Full-Time Xamarin App Developer or a Part-Time Xamarin App Developer, what’s the difference?


If we look behind a few years back, then we come to know that, at that time programmers like to use some object-oriented programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java to make critical codes in a way towards the development of a website or iOS, Android or other mobile OS application which is full of vast advanced technical features. While with the change of the time and the enhancement of the technology, everything is gone changed now. So as in present time, the developers and programmers have a wide variety of options in the form of app and software development platforms and frameworks through which they can easily build and creative, elegant, and fully functional application. In the same series, a couple of years ago a cross-platform app development platform has come in existence we call gladly Xamarin App Development Platform. It is a free open source Java-based app development framework.

Due to the popularity level of this Xamarin Technology, a wide number of folks want their business application to be developed using this technology, and with this intention, a lot of needy people are in search of a Xamarin developer. Have you ever think that which is better a full-time Xamarin app Developer or a part-time Xamarin Developer. Check out all the differences (advantages and disadvantages) here:

  • A full-time developer is available to work for 180 hours a Month, while on the second phase, a part-time developer gives you only half-time as compared to the full-time developer which is as equals as only 90 hours per month.
  • A full-time developer is available on several communication channels to connect and talk with you like Gmail, Skype, direct contact through a call etc. ….. whereas, a part-time developer uses only a few channels to connect with you. A full-time developer will be available at any time of the day, but a part-time developer is available only for the time slot of few hours.
  • A full-time developer is for sure an experienced person who is working is working under any reputed company, on the opposite side, a part-time developer is will may be a person who is still under training or a fresher who may have a little bit less knowledge of the technology.
  • While hiring a full-time developer they required you send the payment on a monthly basis, and a part-time developer requires you to transfer the payment on every 15 days.
  • Working with a full-time developer, you have a sure guarantee for the finest work quality and the on-time project delivery. Whereas on the other side, you didn’t have the assure guarantee of the finest work quality and also there may be some delay in the project delivery with a part-time developer.

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