Easily Show/Hide Password in Xamarin.Forms


Screen: CheckBox Screen



1. Use two image one for eye.png and another for eyeicon.png .

2. Write a code in View folder xaml part.


<Grid HorizontalOptions=”FillAndExpand” VerticalOptions=”Center” BackgroundColor=”#ffffff” Margin=”15,0″ Padding=”8″>


<ColumnDefinition Width=”*”/>



<RowDefinition Height=”50″/>

<RowDefinition Height=”1″/>…

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Is Xamarin the Ultimate Destination of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development


Recently on the auspicious occasion of Valentine’s Day, Realm has extended its tentacles for Microsoft technologies in the Realm mobile Platform which already hit last month with the latest version 1.0 in order to facilitate the fabrication of real-time app.

Xamarin.Forms or Xamarin Native: Which should you use for your cross-platform app project?


When it comes to cross-platform development tools, there’s no doubt that Xamarin is the gold standard. But once you’ve made the decision to build apps in C# and Xamarin, you’ll need to make one more choice: Should you use Xamarin.Forms, …

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