Xamarin.Forms will Drastically Improve your Business Productivity


Over a half decade ago technology was introduced in the tech world, which we call as xamarin App Development Technology. As this is a multi-functional, cross-platform app development technology, soon this technology has fixed its feet strongly in the tech …

Why Hire Xamarin Developer will be your best partner for Xamarin App Development


Xamarin is one of the trendiest and highly in-demand technology platform in the mobile application development sector. The advantages and the wide range of app build up facilities, huge component library, easy development environment, elegant UI, cross-platform nature, etc., , …

Follow these simple steps to use a GeoLocator in Xamarin.Forms in Android


As we are breathing in the age of gadgets and applications, where utmost every application likes to fetch the location of every single user and for this, they are requesting you to permit them to access your real-time location. While …

What is Resource-dictionary and how to used in xamarin forms


Introduction :

Resourcedictionary :- These resource objects are stored in a resource dictionary. XAML resources are definitions that can be shared and re-used throughout a Xamarin forms application.

This blog explain how to create and consume a resource dictionary.