Here Comes the Most Awaited AndroidX for Xamarin

Xamarin is for sure a highly recommended cross-platform app development framework which basically works under the concepts of the .Net technology platform in a way to deliver the splendid outcomes in the build-up of an error-free and multifunctional business empowering mobile application. As we know well that the Xamarin works for both Android and iOS with high compatibility and a huge supportive library for the code elements. Well, this technology stage is also popular for its constant upgrades, and in the same series, recently the inventors of this app development platform have introduced its most awaited update which is AndroidX for Xamarin.

However, the straight forward behavior of the Xamarin app development environment hasn’t been always the same, as the Xamarin supported Android library has grown up in the complexity so as it has several inconsistencies in the library components, while every single library follows the same component with the name as minSdkVersion in the particular Xamarin.Android project.

To overheal this confused nature of Xamarin.Android, the Android team has re-filter its support library and as a result of that filtration, they set a new extension of Xamarin Android supportive libraries and give a name as AndroidX. This AndroidX is finely come along with a package of numerous package and supported API levels. Let’s become familiar with this AndroidX and know how it will affect the Xamarin app development.

As the AndroidX is the reconstructed version of the Android support library of the Xamarin stage, it mentions the initial steps which affect the Xamarin.Android application development under the full contribution of the Android Support Library. Alongside the introduction of the Android, now, also the developers found a few library components with a new name as:

  • support will get a new name as androidx.@
  • design will now call as
  • support.test is converted as androidx.test.@
  • arch will now be called as androidx.@

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