5 Things That Will Make You Fall For Xamarin


Love has very broad wings with so many colorful feathers hence it’s not just enough to human to human, in fact, it spread its fragrance in every little and big object of the planet, likewise the Xamarin technology. This is a cross-platform app development technology which has numerous in-built features which make a developer fall in love with this amazing tech platform. In this post, we are going to discuss the 5 lovely things about Xamarin.Forms 3.5.

  1. Bindable or Flexible layout

Mainly a developer like to have complete control over the display and layout of a mobile application, which is now possible with the Xamarin.Forms 3.5, as it delivers the bindable layout. To make a bindable layout for an app you can use this code:


Orientation = “Horizontal”

BindableLayout.ItemsSource = “{Binding Profile.Friends}”>





<RowDefinition Height = “*” />

<RowDefinition Height = “Auto” />

</ Grid.RowDefinitions>

<imageCircle: CircleImage

Grid.Row = “0”

Source = “{Binding Picture}”

Aspect = “AspectFit”

Style = “{StaticResource FriendImageStyle}” />


Grid.Row = “1”

Text = “{Binding Name}”

Style = “{StaticResource FriendNameStyle}” />

</ Grid>

</ DataTemplate>


</ StackLayout>

  1. Toolbar Access

A mobile application with smooth access behavior it definitely wins over the tech world and the users eye view as well. The latest and updated version of Xamarin.Forms give easy implementation access to the developer along with the three amazing sets of three toolbar access to render the screen

  • Toolbar items
  • MasterDetailPage toggle button
  • NavigationPage back button

These ensure the proper rendering od a screen, including the access and reading behavior of a button that is placed on the navigation and toolbar of an app.

  1. Span Removal

Its sometimes annoying to attempt the extended control to run a code into a sealed class, whenever a developer is going through such issues they can evaluate the span code and unseal it.

  1. Xamarin Community Contribution

The Xamarin.Forms 3.5 community has allowed a developer to enjoy the development and deployment of a project with the wonder worth merger of the contribution of the core component. Which is also responsible for the deliverance of impactful result in the business mobile app development under the Xamarin stage.

  1. App Quality

Towards the fundamental improvement in the code accessibility and the performance of a Xamarin.Android application, the updated Xamarin.Forms3.5 toolkit acts a crucial part. This toolkit with its numerous in-built advanced features helps the Xamarin app development team to deliver the marvelous result in the app development.

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